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Why from Korea?

Our History

We have been in this industry since 2012. Betty’s Teacup Puppies is the most well-known company across the globe. The reason we started our company is because when I was younger, I always wanted a true teacup puppy and every time I bought one, I was lied to. The puppy got 5 times the weight estimated, and the quality wasn’t there. Before we started our company, we spent years searching and building relationships with breeders.

Most breeders if they have Tiny pups , they will inbreed the puppies which we are against. This is a very unsafe way to breed and unhealthy.

We have a high end pet shop located in Korea and are planning to expand in the next few years having stores in Canada & United States, to be able to keep up with our demand and having some puppies on spot in certain states so our clients can see our amazing babies in person and understand how exquisite our puppies truly are.

We personally breed puppies here in Canada and also in Korea.

Our Canadian store will be opening in 2020 to the public and will be expanding to USA.

Our Partners/ Breeders

We have spent years building strong relationships with our partners that breed for us. We had to make sure all our standers were met before making them apart of our team. Bettys Teacup Puppies INC only supports ethical breeders. Every puppy bred has been checked by our vet to ensure parents are healthy. Bettys Teacup Puppies INC also hand chooses each puppy and every puppy is checked to insure they are healthy before they get listed on our website.

Term Teacup Many breeders miss use the term Teacup. Not because a website says teacup actually means this statement is true. Many scammers also use this term to drive traffic to their post. Teacup is not a term recognized by kennel clubs. At first we didn’t want to use this term as it is associated by many scammers or puppy mills but we have decided to use it as it best describes our puppies.

Please Beware if you ever see a listing for a puppy that states it’s a teacup and they are selling between 200-1500$ high chances this is SCAM!! True teacup puppies are very expensive to breed, care for from birth until the age of 4 months old.

Our Mothers only have between 1-3 babies at a time and we only breed our mothers 2-4 times in their lifetime depending on how the pregnancy is for the mother. We always ensure the safety of our mothers over everything.