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How to Prevent Scam

Scam / Fraud / Impostors Alert 

Betty's Teacup Puppies INC has been notified by many customers of scammers that are using our photos/videos to scam innocent people. Some have removed our watermark, and some even claim that they are reseller or breeder we work with.

We do not have a reseller, nor our breeders have direct line of sale to the retail channel. Due to such actions we have decided to dedicate a page on our website to prevent these scam / fraud / impostors stealing from our clients.

If you come across a page stealing our photos/videos please report them to us and we will add them to the list below.

How to protect yourself from scam

· Websites selling puppies between $500-$1000 . Can be delivered personally to your door for $300. If the price is to good to be true, its not true. Teacup puppies do not range between $500-$1000
·Make sure they have a business license and check their incorporation.
· Don’t not send international wires to personal accounts, make sure the wire information matches the business name.
· Never send payments by MoneyGram, Western union, Venmo, Cash apps, these methods are not safe and don’t protect the buyer.
· If you are a victim of fraud/scam, please contact your local authorities or local consumer protection agency.

1. BettyTeacupPuppieshome
· Using almost the same name as us but adding a word at the end of the URL “HOME” · Using our logo · Using our names · Using our videos and pictures

2. Smallbreedpuppyforsale (INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT)
· Using some of our photos and videos · Instagram account name is: Smallbreedpuppyforsale

3. Milotispups ( INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT)
·Using some of our videos and pictures. · Phone number they using 912-254786 ( which isn’t even a complete number. · Milotispet ( Instagram account)

4. Tiny Teacup
· Using our old photos from past puppies of ours. · This website is very convincing and looks legitimate, the person behind this website has put a lot of time and energy to try and fool the buyer.


5. English Bulldog breeders club
·When you see a website announcing 2 puppies for the price of one or buy one puppy another puppy is half off that’s a RED FLAG!! No legitimate company would offer this. · Bulldogs don’t sell for $500-$1000 they are one of the hardest breeds to breed and breeding them cost thousands of dollars. This isn’t including the care and time that goes into it once the litter is born. · Using past photos of our English bulldogs · We have had several client’s message us stating they have sent money to this company and got scammed.


6. Tiny-Teacup

· Using photos/videos of many different companies. · Using fake reviews · They make you feel like they are a huge international company when they aren’t.