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Our Vets

Our Veterinarian team


We have partnered with veterinarians who cooperate with us here in Canada and our partners aborad to keep all the puppies in great health condition. Our care team members have necessary experiences to provide best care for our puppies at the shop and in our home. Along with our care team, our veterinarians consistently keep our puppies in the best shape and condition until a customer receives their puppy.


Veterinarian Clinic Our puppies are all vaccinated and each puppy is dewormed on the assigned dates. When a customer decides on a puppy, he/she will be thoroughly checked by a highly skilled veterinarian with cutting-edge medical equipment.


Our vets closely examine for:

- Congenital defects that might show signs later as the puppy grows. The test includes but not limited to ultrasound of the organs and the heart for any defects.

- Virus caused illnesses such as: Parvovirus, Coronavirus, Canine Distemper virus.

- Other possible illnesses / issues or defects


If our vets detect any issues that prevents the puppy to travel or be hospitalized, we will contact you and all charges will be refunded. If the flight was booked, flight will be canceled. We do not face health issues as our puppies are bred here in Canada or aboard with our partners who love their dogs and provide a clean happy environment for the dogs. We do not support a puppy mill / farms.


Each puppy is handled by people and loved until they find a new owner. They are all pre spoiled little princes & princesses. Our goal is to gain each customer’s trust and build a bond by providing quality puppies that are truly unique.