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Purchase Process

 Step 1. Inquire the baby of your choice either by phone call or email.

Step 2. Sign our contract

Step 3. We will send you a PayPal request for the deposit to reserve your new baby

Step 4. Within 5 business days the puppy needs to be paid in full 

Step 5. Each puppy will be taken to our certified vet by us to get his/her health
exam. A health certificate is required for travel and a copy of the health
certificate will be sent to you. Usually a puppy will be delivered within 10 days
from that date of money cleared in our bank and also depending on the flight
nanny delivery schedule. We have the right to hold a puppy for longer than
estimated delivery date if we feel the puppy is not ready to go and cancellation
will not be accepted. We do not have a cancellation policy, please understand
that after payment has been made that payment is NON REFUNDABLE.

Step 6. One of our caring and competent In Flight nannies will take the utmost
care of your baby from pick up all the way to delivery. Please note you are on
their schedules. So please remember to be understanding of their time frames.